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Fashion and Sounds is a street style blog for those who'd like a little inspiration taken from endless summer nights, toasty winters by the fire, east coast living, west coast trends, urban cityscapes, high altitude adventures, the 90s and indie music,

This is just my inspiration board so for my BLOG of outfits posts click below!

Jessie x

Delicious breakfast steez with  @ryanleaney #good #heapsgood #heapsheapsgood #coffee #and #granola #breakfast (at brooklyn hide bagels)

Top :: Tinley Road blazer, J.Crew blouse, Bottom :: Zara, Bag :: Chanel ‘Mini’, Shoes :: Yves Saint Laurent, Accessories :: Prada sunglasses, Hermes bangle, Essie ‘Waltz’, bracelets ::Stella & Dot, a.louise, and Gorjana rings (image: wendyslookbook)

Candice Swanepoel & Miranda Kerr
#wildandfree (Taken with instagram)
legs, damn
i love this cat with all my heart