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Fashion and Sounds is a street style blog for those who'd like a little inspiration taken from endless summer nights, toasty winters by the fire, east coast living, west coast trends, urban cityscapes, high altitude adventures, the 90s and indie music,

This is just my inspiration board so for my BLOG of outfits posts click below!

Jessie x

Bush walks to secluded beaches… feels like Sydney but I can see Mordor and snow?🗻 #KJtakeNZ | @official_minkpink bikini and @maythelabel jeans
🔥The air is hot but the water is an ice bath❄️ #confusingelements | wearing @abrandjeans | #KJtakeNZ
This bottle of kiwi lemonade looks like a beer🍋 #newzealand #KJtakeNZ #roadtrip #wolfcreekstylepetrolstation (at Glenorchy, New Zealand)
This vibe tho👌 #nzmustdo #KJtakeNZ #perfectweather (at Lake Wakatipu)
This morning’s cherry blossom shower🌸🌸🌸 #KJtakeNZ  (at Isaac’s Place)
Send a quick snap from Queenstown to @c_san_ NEK MINIT perfect edit. That graphic design life. #queenstown #nzmustdo #KJtakeNZ (at Lake Wakatipu)
Dat Queenstown water tho💦 #KJtakeNZ #fresh
First stop gelato with a side of mountain lel 🍦🗻 #KJtakeNZ with @klaraklum  (at Arrowtown)
Dusted icing sugar on rocky road as we decent into Queenstown🗻 #imcravingchocolate #standard #KJtakeNZ
When you have friends with iPhone6 cameras #baller | Shot by  @c_san_💕
"What are you doing?"
“Being a blogger, don’t just me”😖
#bloglife #benjamee
"What are you doing?"
“Being a blogger, don’t just me”😖
#bloglife #benjamee
Mantas and sharks… My dream😍😍 // @timmckenna
When a bikini is awesome enough to double as a crop top👌☺️@zigilane__
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