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Fashion and Sounds is a street style blog for those who'd like a little inspiration taken from endless summer nights, toasty winters by the fire, east coast living, west coast trends, urban cityscapes, high altitude adventures, the 90s and indie music,

This is just my inspiration board so for my BLOG of outfits posts click below!

Jessie x

I get so much sass about wearing these. To all the h8rs.. Do you even blink 182? #lel #allthesmallthings
People often ask me what colour my hair is. It’s red. Thanks for asking. #facepalm
Spent the day on set shooting AW14 for @ladakhthelabel💙💎 I’m exhausted & can’t keep my eyes open anymore but TGIF! Time to partAy🎉 and by partAy I mean pjs and dumplings
There must be something in the German waters… @lenilicious proving that my designs can look half decent👌thanks😎 @ladakhthelabel
And so the beach spam begins #sorrynotsorry | tap for deets | pic by @viennarr | and can I give an honourable mention to @jbronze__ for my fresh outta winter glow💫💁
Hump day!! Keepin it ✌️kawaii🍱 in my kimono from @official_minkpink shorts from @abrandjeans top from @maythelabel & sunnies from @rayban | see more of this look on fashionandsounds.com | shot by @viennarr

Not afraid of heights - {by Edina Szalai} | {WebSite}

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coat goals

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Walking on lava pebbles #volcano with my @aquatech_imagingsolutions #instagramhub #underwater @ig_worldclub @ig_nizza @ig_europe @nature @wonderful_places